Parking - PLEASE READ!

While there is plenty of ice to climb in the Catskills, parking is less abundant. In addition to carpooling for environmental reasons, we all need to carpool to help maximize parking. Pictured below are some of the major parking lots in the area, they quickly fill up. That usually results in cars parked illegally along the road and other nearby pull-offs. This, in turn, results in more areas getting posted as No Parking. It’s something we should all be concerned about because it has the potential to become a major issue. Also, keep in mind that if you are parked on the road and it is snowing or has snowed recently, the plows will be out and parking inside the white line isn’t going to be that helpful. It happens a lot in Deep Notch, where it’s best to use the parking lot south of the climbing area.

We almost always climb with a partner. Instead of meeting them at the climb- ing area, consider meeting somewhere else and taking the smallest number of cars possible.

Here’s a list of parking options for meeting partners and carpooling:

  • A park-n-ride located near your home, or on the way up
  • The New Paltz park-n-ride, located just past the toll at exit 18 off I-87
  • The Kingston park-n-ride, located just past the toll at exit 19 off I-87
  • The Saugerties park-n-ride, located across from the South entrance at exit 20 off I-87
  • The Town of Hunter Town Hall, located along with the State Police at 5748 Route 23a, Tannersville, New York, just before you come downhill into the main part of town
  • The municipal parking lot in Tannerville, located behind Last Chance Cheese on Route 23A
  • The park-n-ride located just before Phoenecia, on RT 28 west
  • Any one of the public spots in Phoenecia

If you count up the spots available in the popular lots mentioned below and on the next two pages, you’ll see quickly how limited space is—there’s only space for just over 100 cars.

Kaaterskill Chasm pull-off (no photo).

Kaaterskill Chasm pull-off. Just up Rt 23A from Palenville on the right is a pull-off that can fit approximatley 4-5 cars. Usually plowed.


Lower Kaaterskill Clove Lot - Now CLOSED!

Lower Kaaterskill Clove lot, parking for approx 12-15 cars. Usually unplowed As of April 2013, this lot has been CLOSED.

For now, you'll need to park alongside the jersey barriers providing you fit within the white line. If parked properly, there is room for about 4 vehicles.


Asbestos - Upper Kaaterskill Clove Lot

Upper Kaaterskill Clove lot, parking for approx 14-16 cars. Usually plowed.


Kaaterskill Falls lot

Kaaterskill Falls lot, parking for approx 20- 24 cars, but receives a lot of hiker traffic and spaces can be limited. Plowed.


Platte Clove Road Pull-Off

Platte Clove Road, parking for approx 6-8 cars. Plowed, but parking is an issue if plows are operating.


Devil's Kitchen Lot

Devil’s Kitchen lot, parking for approx 12-14 cars. Usually plowed.


Stony Clove Lot

Stony Clove lot, parking for approx 18-20 cars. Usually plowed.


Tombstones Lot

In addition to parking in the Stony Clove Lot, there is an unplowed lot in front of the Devil's Tombstone. Depending on the conditions, it may be possible to park there. It holds space for about 6-8 cars.


Deep Notch Lot

Parking is limited. Over the years, the common place to park has been along the road, under or just past the chain-link fence. With all the recent changes the past few years with parking at the other locations, and the fact that the plows need the room, I recommend that you park in the DEC lot, 4/10 mile downhill toward Shandanken on the right. There is space for approximately 6 - 8 cars. Usually Plowed.


Where not to park!

The very end of Platte Clove Road before where its closed for the season—a spot you would sometimes see some cars parked for climbing in the Devil’s Kitchen. One of the newly posted signs reads, “Don’t Even Think of Parking Here”...