While it may seem like there is a good amount of ice to climb here in the Catskills, there is just as much, in the Hudson Valley to the south. Unfortunately, these areas are all closed to climbing. Hopefully, by being friendly, responsible, and environmentally conscious we can promote a better image of climbers. As of now there are no rules governing ice climbing in the Catskills; let’s do our best to behave in a way that will prevent them from being instituted in the future. After all, isn’t it the freedom of the hills that we seek when we are outdoors?

I hope all of you who use this site and the guidebook will follow the suggestions below in order to prevent any further closures of an already limited resource.

• Please abide by the rules of the DEC, the Platte Clove Preserve, and the Mohonk Preserve posted at most trailheads.

• Please consider joining the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development. Your membership fees help to protect areas like the Platte Clove Preserve.

• Please respect any bordering lands that may be private and Do Not Trespass. Most of the private areas are patrolled. The future of climbing near those areas is in your hands.

• Please try to use removable protection whenever you can.

• Please do not place any bolts on existing routes. The routes have been done before in traditional style. If you feel bolts are necessary, maybe you should wait a little longer so the ice can grow more to protect with screws.

• Please do not rappel off the trees without rappel anchors on them. This will, over time, cause them irreparable damage.

• Please use only natural colored slings for rappel anchors.

• Please leave the area cleaner than you found it by packing out all your trash and any garbage you may find on your way in or out.

• Please be considerate and pack out your toilet paper. Waste should be buried at least 250 ft. from water sources or carried out if the ground is frozen.

• Please park in proper locations and leave room for others. The lots seem to be getting more and more crowded and soon parking will be an issue.

• Please be courteous to other climbers. Some areas can get quite busyon the weekends. Remember, others want to climb as well. Try not to monopolize routes all day with your top ropes. Adhere to the old ethic that if someone wants to lead a route that you are planning on top roping for a while, pull your rope off to the side and allow them to lead through.