Corrections for the guidebook

As I mentioned in the book, I am sure that after the book has been printed and I am rereading it for the umpteenth time, I will find mistakes, misprints, things I forgot to add, things I should have eliminated, etc. Here's a list of what's been found so far:

Pg 7: I would also like to thank the following people for submitting information and pictures.

  • Jennifer Taylor (
  • Angelo Urrico

Pg 124: Escalator is mis-spelled under the Red Leader/Size Matters Not route description

Pg 147: in the DESCENT description for Platte Clove High Cliff, the route Middle Line should be Merlon Roof (for where the raps anchors are located).

Pg 229: Stony Clove heading is mis-spelled as Stoney Clove under Waypoints

Pg 236: Amphitheater is mis-spelled