My intentions with this website and the guidebook are the same as they have always been: to help educate Catskill climbers on directions, ethics, parking and approaches, as well as route information. Our actions today will shape the future access to climbing here, and it only takes one poor interac- tion to ruin the great reputation we have as responsible stewards of the areas we love.

Doing the writing, layout, and publishing of the book for the third time, and this site have continued to be an incredible learning experience for me. I am sure that after this site is launched, or the book has been printed and I am rereading it for the umpteenth time, I will find mistakes, misprints, things I forgot to add, things I should have eliminated, etc. Therefore, I ask a favor of you. If you find something that you feel is incorrect, please do not get upset. Instead, I would appreciate it if you send your findings to me. In addition to email—info@ catskilliceclimbing.com— also, I will be a binder at Rock and Snow showing all the information in this guidebook with space for you to add new information and/or make corrections.

Finally, many of the climbs at many of the areas actually do not have known names. In such cases, instead of referring to them as “the climb next to ...” I took the liberty of giving the climb a name and/or asking other climbers for some names (not to mention having the information requested posted on NEIce.com all last year, and the year before). If you know of a route listed that is misnamed, again please send me the information and I will correct it in future editions.