About Catskill Ice Climbing

Catskill Ice Climbing.com was created as an online companion to the local guidebook, An Ice Climber's Guide to the Catskill Mountains. Though I registered the domain name in 2008, for many reasons it took until the completion of the third edition, in 2013 for the site to also get up and running. Both the book and the companion site have been my passion projects, and I'm thrilled to see the third edition arriving with the launch of the site.

I hope you find this site a useful resource for ice climbing as well as other outdoor adventures in the Catskills. My aim is to make it all easier so you can concentrate on having fun instead of deliberating over where to stay or eat, wondering what the ice conditions are like, where to park, and other needs for your visit.

I welcome your comments as well as any suggestions on things to add or edit.

I hope you enjoy all of what the Catskills can offer, happy climbing!


Marty Molitoris